5 facts due to which Ronaldo left Real Madrid



With the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus leaving Spanish giant left the football world in shock. What was so big that make him end his 9 years old relation with the club? Who was not happy with him? Did Ronaldo take the right move? I tried to give you some answers to check out.




1.Club  already in talks with other big signings

Los Blancos have already begun their aim to bring in Ronaldo’s successor at Santiago stadium, and have apparently earmarked Neymar for the role. New reports indicated that the Real wanted to sign him after the 2018/19 campaign, but it has since also been suggested a deal could happen this year window. Ronaldo, though, is reportedly not happy that the club is ready to offer Neymar a big salary while they do not agree to give him what he deserves.


2. Nil backing by the club publicly

In his, no goal games club do not support him openly which makes him feel low key. The only coach Zizou really supported him publicly when he was substituted in the Spanish Super Cup ahead of the 2017/18 campaign. He feels unprotected, according to Marca, and is annoyed that he gets whistled at by the club’s fans if he goes a few games without scoring.

3. Lack of support by the club in tax case

In Ronaldo’s tax, he wasn’t backed up by the club, like FC Barcelona’s support to Messi in his tax fraud case.  Ronaldo’s case began in May 2016, Los Blancos published a message of support three weeks later, then there were no talks in his support.

4. Ronaldo could saw his value getting low at Bernabeu

With the star getting older club is adopting a policy of devaluing with age. He could feel he is not getting the same importance as he used to get at a younger age. So seeing all the circumstances he thought it was the right time to make the move. Also, he knows that Juventus will not offer him good sums if he delays.

5. The promise of a new contract not delivered

One of the main reasons for Ronaldo keen on leaving the Santiago Bernabeu is the fact that Perez did not offer him a new contract about which he has promised. The player wanted to earn closer to Neymar’s €36 million and Lionel Messi’s €46 million annual deals have been well documented by their clubs, while Perez just promised his superstar a new deal would be coming after the 2017 Champions League final but did not deliver it.





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