Destructive Flood In Kerala, India

Flood in Kerala:

  • flood in kerala

    In India, due to unusually heavy rainfall, a destructive flood came in Kerala. It appears in late August and it was so severe. Therefore, it affected the whole state of Kerala rapidly. This flood is the cruel result of unexpected rainfall during monsoon season. It is the worst ever flood in this century at Kerala. In this incident, over 350 people died and 15 are missing. All 14 districts of this state were placed on red alert. According to research one-sixth population of this state is affected by the flood in Kerala and due to related incidents. Thirty-five out of the fifty-four dams opened in the state of Kerala for the first time. Moreover, gates of the Idukki dam were opened at the same time, for the first time in previous 26 years.

    Reasons of the flood in Kerala:Flood in kerala

  • Kerala get heavy monsoon rainfall in the mid of August 8. In result, the dams filling to the upper limit in the first 24 hours. It receives 310 mm(12 inches) of rain. So that the government bound to open the gates of dams otherwise it will be burst soon. For the first time in the history, 35 of its 54 dams open. In result, low-lying-areas received severe flood.

    Already the most affected areas classify as ecologically-sensitive zones (ESZs) by the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel. Moreover, most of the predictions, suggestions, and directions by the committee were either neglect or reject. Chairman of the committee Madhav Gadgil criticised the state government and its irresponsible environmental policy for the recent landslides and flood. He called it a man-made calamity.

Rescue for the flood in Kerala:

flood in kerala
 According to the report of economic times that 33.000 sufferers have been rescuing. KSDMA( Kerala State Disaster Management Authority) announce the red alert as a result of unbearable flooding. There were about 5,645 camps at various localities to facilitate and rescue the flood victims. Moreover, It is an estimate that about 1,247,496 sufferers found shelter in available camps.


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