Plastic entering in our body in a strange way!

Plastic !!! New research suggests that the mosquitos may carry more than just a disease. Scientists have found that the insects can affect our foodchain with microplastic pollution. It was an unknown way until two researchers at the University of reading found out.

Microplastic can be formed as larger plastics are broken down or tiny plastics enter in our environment in form of beads, mainly found in cosmetic products.

Tiny organisms may mistake plastic as food. Plastic finds its way to our food chain when tiny organisms are consumed by larger organisms.

Scientists found out that movement of microplastics is through mosquitos and aquatic organisms (marine life). Scientists observed microplastic in mosquito’s guts and liver.

Microplastic can actually survive the mosquito’s development process ( larvae to adulthood ).

Plastic cannot be decomposed and that’s the reason its the biggest cause of pollution in today’s world.

Nanoparticles of plastic are small enough to enter our body cells which can lead to serious health disease like tumor may develop. Cells may die.

Scientists are still looking for its solution as diseases are running down from our tap water in form of microplastic.


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