Real Madrid Lost To Sevilla: Real Madrid 0-3 Sevilla

Real Madrid the Spanish Football giant is just thrashed be Sevilla Fc. Today at home stadium of Sevilla FC RM faced and Sevilla and in just first half of the game, Sevilla netted three goals.

Real Madrid defense was tangled by forwarding line of Sevilla. The First Goal Was scored be A.Silva in the early 17th minute of the game. Before Real Madrid could give a response to this one goal lead.

A Silva again managed to get the ball in the close 21st minute just after 4 minutes of the first goal.

Real Madrid gets some grip but the third goal wasn’t much away. In the 39th minute of the first half, W.B.Yedder scored the third goal for Sevilla Fc.

Real Madrid without Carvajal and Isco Alarcon today wasn’t able to score a single goal in the whole game. The new manager of Real Madrid was angry with the weak performance of the team.

On the other hand, Sevilla’s goalkeeper did amazing work. He saved extraordinary balls. Sevilla played the second half with confidence. They attacked and defended calmly.

What are the reasons for this result? Are real Madrid missing their superstar Cristiano Ronaldo or it’s just the Sevilla played outclass today. Whatever the reason may be but today Sevilla has taught good footballing to Real Madrid.

The final score Real Madrid zero led them to lose 3 points with which they make up to the 2nd position in La Liga table. Whereas Sevilla with 3 goals and winning three points get to the 4th position on the La Liga table.

This is just Laliga madness as before Barcelone has lost to Leganes. Match Stats:
Team Stats.          Real Madrid        Sevilla FC
Shots.                         21                        16
Possession.              60%                     40%
Pass Accuracy.        89%                     82%

Shots on target.       3                          7
Passes.                      535                      357
Fouls                           12                        16
Yellow cards.             4                          3
Offsides.                     5                          3
Corners.                      5                          6

Real Madrid had also lost against Atletico Madrid and drew against Bilbao. Let’s see what happens in the future.

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