Miss Baghdad Shot And Killed

Miss Baghdad:

Miss Baghdad Miss Baghdad “Tara Fares” was a famous social star. She born on January 10, 1996, in Baghdad. Moreover, she becomes one of the most popular and searching Iraqi personalities of social networks.  She was known as Miss Baghdad. Her full name is Acha Tara Chamounn Faris is the daughter of a father Iraqi and mother Lebanese. She is

  • In September 2014, she elects as a First Runner-up of the “Beauty Queen of Baghdad”, during this occasion at the Shooting Club of Baghdad, an unofficial contest, that of Miss Iraq having been banned in 1978 before reappearing in 2015 

    The killing of Miss Baghdad:
    Miss Baghdad

She spends a few months in Europe, before returning to Baghdad, where she led a “Western” life that is unacceptable for her ancestors. She continues to travel regularly and settles in Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan”. Moreover, She posts on her Instagram account to 2.7 million subscribers of photos of her more or short dress. It is displaying her tattoos in “hot positions” which shock a part of Iraqi society, 97% Islamic. Therefore, the Iraqi nation criticizes her life. So that, Tara Fares was the tone of the most influential personalities of the Iraqi social networks.

At the end of August 2018, she posted on Instagram a message denouncing the lack of tolerance in Iraq.“It does not scare me that people reject the existence of God. What really scares me are those who kill and massacre to prove the existence of God “. 

At the end of the day, she is shot three times while driving a convertible Porsche on a street in the Camp Sarah 1 neighborhood . His companion, who accompanied him, took him to the hospital urgently, where records. His death attracts many tributes. 

Regarding the perpetrators of the murder, suspicions turn towards Shiite militias of al-Chaabi Hachd 



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