Healthy Food Items In Winter Season

Healthy Food In Winter:

Healthy food

Healthy food is also known as a balanced diet which is so important for our health. Moreover, we should take care of food intake in typical seasonal changing. So in the winter season, there is a vast range of nutritious and healthy food. Fish, legumes, grams, eggs, grapefruit, nuts, carrots etc. These food items are perfect in the winter season.




#1 |Fish:

Nutrition Facts
Amount per 100 grams:
Total fat                                                        18%
Cholesterol                                                  21%
Sodium                                                          2%
Potassium                                                    10%
Magnesium                                                  7%
Iron                                                                 1%
Calcium                                                         1%
Vitamin B-12                                              46%                              Vitamin B-6                                                30%
Vitamin C                                                    6 %

Most of the people prefer fish to eat in the winter season. Undoubtedly, it is known as most nutritious food item which contains almost every nutrient.


#2 |Walnut:
Healthy food 

Nutrition Facts:
Amount per 100 grams:
Calories                                 664
Saturated fat                       6 g
Polyunsaturated                47 g
Monounsaturated              9 g
Cholesterol                             0 mg
Sodium                                  2 mg
Potassium                              447 mg
Total Carbohydrates          14 g
Protein                                     15 g
Iron                                           16 %
Magnesium                            39%
Vitamin B-6                           25%

Walnut supports weight control, may decrease inflammation, A rich source of Omega-3s, May help lower blood pressure, It may fight with cancer cells.


#3 |Carrots:
Healthy food

Nutrition Facts
Amount per 100 g:

Total fat:                                0 %
Protein:                                  0%
Total Carbohydrates:        10 g
Sodium:                                  69 mg
Potassium:                             320 mg
Vitamin A                              334 %
Vitamin B-6                          5%
Vitamin C                              9 %
Vitamin B-12                        0 %

Carrots enrich with vitamin A almost 334% of 100 g. Therefore, doctors or nutritionists recommend carrots for eyesight.


#4 |Grape Fruit:
Healthy food


Nutrition Facts
Amount Per 100 g:
Calories                                  42
Total Fat                                 0.1 g
Cholesterol                            0 mg
Potassium                              135 mg
Total Carbohydrates         11 g
Vitamin A                               23%
Vitamin C                               52%

Grapefruit is enriched in Vitamin A and C. Therefore, doctors and nutritionists recommend it for the patients of week eyesight and scurvy. 

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