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“Bully”..biggest problem faced by students!

Bully is defined as to use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone)! typically to force them to do something. This includes an imbalance of power, hostile intent, and provocation.
Bullying can have a huge impact on students life including stress, depression, anger and the most dangerous “suicide”.

According to the recent research, about 40% to 80% of students experience bullying at some point in their education careers. Various studies show that students from lower socioeconomic background experience more bullying than often.

Victims of the bully are more sensitive, physically smaller, unhappy, depressed, anxious and quite. Signs of student being bully includes

.Unexplainable injuries

.Declining grade

.Showing anxiety and post-traumatic



.change in eating habits

.continual in school absences


.poor school behaviour

Students who experience bullying should be supported and should be provided with any help needed to avoid bad and devastating circumstances.

Students should be encouraged to speak out what they are facing. They should be encouraged to take part in activities of their interest to build self-esteem. Many organizations are there to help students who are bullied.



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